ACCESSIBILITY - Holly makes herself available to clients and agents during evening and weekend hours as sometimes issues can't wait for Monday. 

COMMUNICATION - Holly is very diligent about returning emails and phone calls and getting all documentation and correspondence out to the other side in a timely manner. She is collaberative and not just interested in just pushing the deal through and makes sure that the client and agent are up to date as to the status of the transaction. 

PERSONAL ATTENTION - Holly is who you are actually getting when you hire  Holly Spiegel-Miller, Attorney at Law- not a paralegal or assistant. Holly attends to all aspects of the transaction and takes time to help her clients understand what they are signing and the entire real estate transaction process. A first time Buyer or Seller is in good hands with Holly as she will be extremely patient answering all their questions and addressing their concerns. 

PROACTIVE PROBLEM SOLVING - Holly's prior experience working in house for title companies and her 16 years of owning her firm practicing solely in the area of residential real estate allows her to negotiate wisely on your behalf and recognize the what if's before they happen so that you will not be "surprised" at the closing table. 

DETAIL ORIENTATED - Holly is very knowledgeable about the real estate contracts and closing documents and is focused on working to make sure that all t's are crossed and all i's are dotted to make sure her clients are protected.